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The big dream from a little farm in Yeodene

From humble beginnings that stem from just one truck and one silo in a converted dairy with a small mixer on the family property in Yeodene, with lots of honest hard work and a passion for the industry, Heytesbury Stockfeeds was born.


Now with two generations of experience the passion still grows as does the company, this is Heytesbury Stockfeeds story.

Heytesbury Stockfeeds beginnings

It was on the 6th Aug 1989 from humble beginnings in Yoedene when the Husband and wife team delivered their first load of grain from their 8 acre family property which consisted of a converted old dairy with one truck and one silo.

Relocating to Simpson

As the business grew, in 1991 they purchased land in Simpson to relocate from Yeodene. Pam’s father Jim Joiner surveyed the land of HSFs new found home.

Simpson HSF Construction

Family then came together to begin constructing the buildings and sheds that were used to start the business in Simpson once making the move to HSFs permanent location.

HSF's permanent home completed

Once construction was completed it was then that dozens of silos could be seen at the Heytesbury Stockfeeds Plant that was now based in Simpson, or as we know it “The Heart of the Heytesbury”.

HSFs First Kenworth

HSF director Pam Joiner stands proudly beside the purchase of the first and certainly not the last Heytesbury Stockfeeds Kenworth truck.

HSF expansion & upgrade

As the business continued to grow expansions and upgrades were needed to keep up with the ever growing demands. The offices were doubled in size and further upgrades were made to the mill and sheds.

Two generations working together

Today Mother & Son Pam Joiner & Brendan Balcombe successfully own and run the business we know today and look forward to continuing what they know and love well into the future.

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